The 7 Action Steps To Grow An Email List Of Buyers

You’ve realized the importance of having a targeted email list to grow your business continually and now you need the steps in doing so.

This post is a 7 step guide directing you in the first steps of email campaign system set up to keep you organized and on track…and from wigging out.

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Step 1. Choose an Email Service Provider and Set Up Your Account

The first thing I will say is do not use your personal or company email system to send out email broadcasts to your ever-growing list of contacts.  It’s not worth the headache of using free systems like Yahoo or Gmail because the features of a real “system” by far outweigh your current email system.

In a real email campaign system you can see who opens your emails, when AND how many times!   Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve used many email campaign systems for the past 11 years and the two I would recommend are Mailerlite and GetResponse.


Mailerlite is free for up to 1,000 subscribers. And most email systems start out free and are simple to use, but what I love about Mailerlite is their beautiful and simple to build landing pages.  It’s literally drag and drop, but I feel it comes out much better than other platforms for a better price. Check out a sample of mine here.Once you decide on your email service provider, it’s time to set up your account.  

Getresponse offers 1 month free. They also have a drag and drop landing page builder.  Pretty simple to use.

Some things to consider:

  1. With Mailerlite you need to have your own personal website and email connected to that website.  Once it’s confirmed you can then set up your account.
  2. With Getresponse you do not need to have a company website.  You can use your gmail, yahoo or any other personal email to set up account.  * I started with Getresponse when I didn’t have my website up yet.


Step 2. Create Your First “Sign-up Offer

Let’s remember, for someone to be added to your email list for free you want to offer them something of value that they need or want for them to give up the goods (their email!).

So, think about what your ideal audience (buyer) would want from you.

Go make your "perfect offer" list!      


Step 3. Create Your Landing Page (Lead Capture Page)

As aforementioned, Getresponse and Mailerlite both offer the ability to easily build a lead capture page for your free offer. Here is an example of my landing page offer. View it here

If possible, I would recommend using Mailerlite for the reason it just comes out a bit more professional looking and simpler. Either way, whatever system you use should be simple to navigate and build. Taking the time to learn is essential since you’ll most likely be giving away more than one offer!



Step 4. Set Up Your “Automated” Email Sequence (Welcome/Thank you email)

When your ideal person lands on your “landing page” and they give you their email, once they hit “submit” or “download here” or whatever wording you use, they will be re-directed to a thank-you page.  ** IMPORTANT** Don't forget to edit your thank you page!!

The Page will include a Thank you as well as a download button to your free offer in case they didn't immediately download your offer when they submitted their email.

Next, your email contact deserves to be sent an email thanking them with the download link inside the email. Plus, the Thank you email is your first way of having them read a bit about you to “get to know you.”

So, head over to the "Automation" part of the email system set up and write up your first thank you email.  Be sure to connect it to the proper list!


Step 5. Consistently Give Good Content (So Important!)

OK, they are ON THE LIST. YES!

But, now the important part is continually giving them good content! I can’t stress this enough.  You don’t want an email list of highly targeted people to just sit around and fester. This is your opportunity to BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with them.

How? By sending them tips, tools, resources, articles, meal plans, workouts, funny things, ANYTHING you think they NEED and WANT. How often?At the very least once per week.  As long as it’s information you know they would appreciate 1-3 times per week is justified.

Want a 2 week "Sample" of awesome, engaging content for your Facebook groups, pages and email list? Grab it here

A rule of thumb: Send out information without selling about 80% of the time.  Then offer them your product, service 20% of the time. You can even add the “P.S.” at the bottom of all emails with your offer.  As long as you’re not bombarding them with your products/services non-stop!!Be smart, not annoying 😉


Step 6. Continually Create More Op-In Offers

Now that you’re a Pro, go ahead and continue to think of offers that you can come up with, build another landing page (secret: you can always make a “copy” of the original one and simply edit the color, image etc.). Get creative and have fun.

* Always check back at my site for additional Content offers to help you grow your list!


Step 7. Get More Attention To Your Free Offers and GROW YOUR LIST

You have your email system up and running, you’ve created your offer and landing page, you’ve connected the automated thank you page to send when there’s an opt in, now you’ve got to get your IDEAL CUSTOMERS to that landing page!

There are so many ways to do this.  I’ll touch on a few that I do:

1.     You can run paid social media ads.  Primarily Facebook ads.  For me, this works. I target my ideal customer and lead them to my landing page. I control my budget and it works.

2.     You can add links to your landing page offer on your website.

3.     When networking with others, you can share your link if you feel the content your giving away is suitable.

4.     Be sure to add the link to all social media profile pages.

5.     When doing a vendor event, be sure to make your offer VISIBLE and collect emails.  When you get back to your office be sure to enter in all the emails that were given to you.  Better yet, if you have wi-fi at the vendor event, you can add them to your list on the spot!


Have I convinced you of how essential growing a list is yet?  

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