Kim Lerner, May 17 2019

7 Actions Steps To Build An Online Wellness And Fitness Business

Attn: Wellness & Business Promoters

Are you yearning to build the business of your dreams online, but just can’t get past the dream part? 

Being in the wellness and fitness business can be super rewarding and I understand your passion.  Whether you are independent, or you are with a network marketing company as a consultant, just know you can fulfill that passionate drive with these 7 action steps that are a sure way to grow your online business.

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Step 1 - Vision/Goal

“If you don’t know where you’re headed, then any road will lead you there”. ~ Unknown

Selling your wellness & fitness products or services takes more than just saying that’s what you do. Being super specific with your vision and goal setting will bring your business to life.

Whether you’re a coach or actively involved in an MLM company promoting health and wellness products, it’s easy to float along with what you think might be, might work, what you might offer, but until you get super specific, write it down and have the clarity is when things begin to fall into place.

A vision for your business is more than saying “I want to offer my services and make money and grow my business”.  Rather, being very specific with exactly it is you want your business to look like, offer, and a time frame to do so.

Let’s look at one example.  Setting an income goal of $3K per month is fantastic, but your plan of action to achieve that amount would be different from setting a goal to earn $8K - $10K per month.

While they’re both doable, let’s take $3K as your first goal. In order to earn this specific amount per month you might need to have X amount of clients and/or X amount of products sold.

Brainstorming and being very specific is the first steps to a successful business.

Know that your vision and specific goals may change over time, and that’s ok.  Even the most successful leaders in business have changed their direction, added on or simply changed plans altogether. 

Having a clear, compelling vision for your business makes it easier to move forward with your business plan of action.

Step 2 - Know Your Who

Being as specific as you can be with who you’d like to serve (your perfect customer/client) is a very important key to your success plan.  Saying everyone is your ideal customer/client can seem the right thing you’d think, but let me explain why it’s not specific enough.

Here is an example:

If you are a fitness coach and you say you help people lose weight, feel great and have more energy, that is simply too vague.  Everyone wants to lose weight, feel great and have more energy, but you can’t try to serve everyone, or you will serve no one.

But, if you get a bit more specific, and say you are a fitness coach that helps busy women begin to love themselves from the inside-out with healthy, quick meal planning and effective workouts they can do in less than 30 minutes, your “perfect customer” will understand exactly what you do and others will be able to refer you.  

Part of getting good at growing your business is really knowing who your ideal customer is. When you know who, you can uniquely position yourself and your marketing message to speak directly to them.

 Step 3 - Know Your What

Depending on what your specific business is exactly, you will want to know exactly what to offer when you have a new client/customer.   

Being an online wellness and fitness coach, having a specific program in place that you offer is ideal.  For example: kitchen clean-up, grocery shopping, meal prepping and providing home workouts can be something you can “rinse and re-use” over and over with the same ideal customer.

Writing this down and being specific is important.  Be sure to have all the steps in place with what you will be offering. 

Step 4 - Know Your Marketing Plan of Action

There are several steps to this action step so try not to let it overwhelm you. 

Once you have your business goals lined up and you know who it is you want to work with, the next step is marketing.  Let’s change the word marketing to “sharing your message” and then let’s tackle it.

Sharing your message to your ideal client is a must when you are a business owner.  Whether you are independent or a network marketer, you still need your own specific marketing plan.

You must consistently share who you are and what you offer to the right people in the right place. 

Here are ways to market your business in ways that are not salesy, rather by providing valuable content, information, stories etc. and then inviting them to work with you.

Because we know, If people don’t know what you do you won’t have a business – it’s as simple as that.

The list below may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but if you take the time to learn these exact steps, you will shine online like all other successful health and fitness coaches and business owners. 

·        An email list attached to a free offer using a lead capture page is a sure way to stay in touch with your current clients and audience. Your free offer can be something of value they can’t resist.  For example, a 14 Day Healthy Habits Success Jump Start.  Offering something your ideal client/customer cannot resist will allow you to collect their email in return for them receiving your amazing offer.

Be sure to promote your free offer on a regular basis using different social media platforms and Facebook ads.

Here is an example of what my free offer looks like

·        Continually post and send informational content to your email list of subscribers and on social media. This will build the “like, know and trust” factor that’s essential for people to become clients /customers.

·        Post relevant content where your target market is hanging out. This could be articles, tips, recipes, share videos or inspirational quotes.  Think of the 80/20 rule of thumb -  share valuable content on social media 80% of the time and promote your products, services, and altogether business offers about 20% of the time.

·        Go local – network groups, live workshops, vendor events and posting in local Facebook groups can be a great way to get your message heard to the right audience.

·        Create short videos that your targeted audience would find helpful. Include a call to action to sign up for your free offer (to get them on your email list) and share your videos on social media and in your email newsletters.

·        Start an ever-so-popular online support group Creating an online community of your like-minded targeted audience is highly effective for adding credibility and gaining new business. This is one way to add credibility and attract people to your tribe so they can get to really know you and enjoy what you offer.

Step 5 - Post With Purpose

We know that social media is the place to be when marketing your business.  When you know your “who” then you can be on a specific marketing platform to share you message using content that sucks your audience in on a regular basis.

Keep in mind, random posting is not what works best.  Instead, ask yourself what the purpose of your posts would be. Focus on what it is you want to say to your audience. Look ahead at the RESULT of what you’re trying to accomplish.  Is what your posting aligning with what you’re trying to achieve?

For engaging wellness, fitness and self-improvement posts for your group and fan page go here.

Step 6  - Be Consistent

Once you’ve gotten your action plan defined and begun, you must stay consistent with your marketing.  Consistency is key. 

Set a schedule for content creation.  Sit down and think ahead what you’d like to post in your social groups, pages and email newsletter.

Coming up with content at least one week in advance, ideally one month in advance is best.  If you need content like articles for newsletters and posts for your group and pages then head over here.

Step 7 - Be Coached

Sometimes we know what we should be doing but we lack the clarity to do it.  Many online business owners in the wellness and fitness space gain their success quicker by getting coached in the right direction to lay the groundwork and move forward in business building.

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