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Because I struggled for years not knowing what tools to use, how to use them and nobody to turn to.I’m excited to share the business tools and resources that I have or currently use in my business.

I know how FRUSTRATING it can be to try and figure things out alone.  I’ve done it for years! It took me a LONG TIME to figure out what I know (and I still learn every day!)

Note: some of the links are called affiliate links where I earn a small fee if someone purchases the product or service.

Email Marketing and Landing Pages

This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT marketing tactic one needs to do to grow an online (home) business.  Whether you’re Coach or Consultant, you must be building your EMAIL LIST and use a Landing Page offer to capture the emails.

–>> If you’re not sure about email marketing, landing pages and how important  they are,  read this short blog post.

3 Email List Building Systems I Recommend .

Mail Chimp: A free email campaign service which allows you to capture lead email addresses, send automated emails, send on the spot emails, build a landing page and more.  Once you’ve reached over 2000 subscribers it’s no longer free.  However, it’s still very affordable.

Cons with Mailchimp:  As much as it’s user friendly and free, for me it was limited.  I wasn’t able to make certain changes that I needed to for my business.It’s a great startup if on a super tight budget.

Getresponse: I've used this email campaign service for many years.  The offer a 1 month free trial.  Once a member you can upgrade to use the Landing Page service.  I found it user friendly and simple to build drag and drop landing pages.

Mailerlite: is what I currently use for my lead generating, landing page and email campaigns. The cost is super affordable and it’s free to start using! I've recently switched from Getresponse to Mailerlite due to the more affordable price as well as the more appealing look of the landing page design.   Check mine out here


Build A Website

There are a few things to think about when deciding on what to do about building a website.

Is a website 100% necessary?
The answer to that all depends on your goals.

One doesn't necessarily NEED a website, as long as they are using a Landing Page to capture lead emails.
If you are interested in blogging, then, yes, you'd need a website.

There are a few things to consider:  

Using Wordpress allows you to "own" you piece of online real estate (if you will).  You are in charge of it.

Cons: It can be frustrating and overwhelming to build, edit, and hire someone to manage it.  And can also be expensive (roughly $1000 - $2000 to have it built professionally).

Bluehost: IF you decide to use Wordpress, then this is the best website hosting I have found and would recommend. They offer a free domain registration and 24/7 support.

WordPress Theme : Once you download wordpress you can choose a free or paid theme to use to build your platform. There are many.  Have fun!


PageCloud: This is a wonderful Drag and Drop website builder I highly recommend. It's pretty user friendly for beginners and offers a lot for more advanced.  AND, it's super affordable ($24/mo)


Build A Landing/Sales Page

Mailerlite: I’ve been using Mailerlite to build my simple landing pages to capture emails and I’m really digging the simplicity and professional look. Oh, and it's super affordable.

Getresponse: If you decide to use GR for your email campaign system, then I would recommend using their Landing Page service.  It's an upgrade of $15/mo and simple to drag and drop.


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